Welcome to my photo website!  I've compiled a few handy "tips" to help you access some of the features of my site.  I'm eager to make this as user friendly as it can be so if you have a tip to share, a suggestion to make or if you've run into problems, please let me know.  I'll add it to this page and send you a special "thank you!"


Tip #1:  Subscribe to Our Occasional Emails

Subscribing will ensure that you are notified of any new photos added of you, your athlete or student as well as any promotional specials we offer.  It's simple.  Just CLICK HERE

Tip #2:  Register for a free account

Registering for a free account allows you to access your order history, save your Shopping Cart and most importantly, save your favorite photos for future viewing (see Tip #3)  It's easy.  On my home page click on the link on the left titled LOG IN and the registration screen pops right up. You'll also find a small "log in" link at the bottom of each of the gallery pages.  Be sure when viewing new galleries that you're logged in before adding favorites to your folder to ensure that they are saved.

Tip #3:  Save your "favorites"

Not ready to order yet?  Save your favorite photos to your own "Favorites" folder.  You can do this one of two ways.  Once in a gallery, in the thumbnail view choose "Select"  You'll see a round circle appear in the lower lefthand corner of the photo thumbnails.  Check the ones you like and then "Save to My Favorites"  If you've double clicked to enlarge a photo and are scrolling through with the arrow keys, click on the heart in the right hand corner of the photo.  This too will save that photo to your Favorite Folder.  This is a great way to collect your favorite photos from multiple galleries without purchasing them right away.  You can also set up separate folders for different children, different events...whatever works best for you.  If you follow tip #2 and set up a free account your favorites will be saved indefinitely.  You can always view these saved shots or select photos for purchase by simply clicking on "My Favorites" in the upper left hand corner of your screen to open your folder.  To view a quick video tutorial about this feature CLICK HERE

Tip #4: Selecting a Print Size 

Most of the photos on my site have been cropped to a 5x7 aspect ratio.  When ordering, select whatever size print you would like.  I will "recrop" from the original keeping the same composition as what you see online unless you specify otherwise.  In addition, know that once you order any products, I'll spend time editing the photographs to ensure that the color/saturation/quality is optimized.

Tip #5:  More Than Just Prints

There are so many ways to enjoy photographs beyond standard prints.  Be sure to check out all of our products ranging from Gallery Wraps, photo boxes, Christmas ornaments, and so much more.


Thanks again for visiting.  Enjoy the galleries.....